Bright Horse IT was founded in 2013 and between two founding members there are more than 40 years of IT experience. Whereas 20 of the 40 years are in the hospitality industry. We’re particularly in the design, develop, deploy, maintenance and support of Hospitality IT Solution. We are able to provide a full turn-key solution to any existing or Greenfields environment / project. We are also the ONLY IT organization in South-Africa that can enable a Greenfields hotel project from: “Cradle to Grave”

Bright Horse IT plays a leading role in Southern Africa’s IT Consulting, IT Project Management, and IT System Integration space and whilst we provide IT services and solution across the vast business spectrum and industries, through our tailor-made solution we specialize in providing those same IT services and solutions into small, medium and large leisure organizations and hotel groups.

Our vast experience in designing, developing, and deploying IT services and solutions in Greenfield Hotel Properties around SA, places Bright Horse in a unique and leading position when it comes to our ability to, from the start, enable any size leisure property or merely assist in enhancing the same in a manner that will significantly enhance the guest experience, whether pre-arrival, in-house or post departure. Bright Horse’s IT project and program managers competence also successfully manage ‘change’ to help organizations respond to shifting business needs.

<p>Consistent successful project delivery is often seen as an out-of-reach objective to most organizations. Yet, with the right information, processes, and adequately trained people, repeatable project success is within the reach of any organization.

Change without control means risk. Our project and program managers successfully manage change every day to help you respond to your shifting business needs. We develop and deliver technology solutions to meet your critical business objectives. In addition, we help you achieve ROI (Return-on-Investment) through quantifying and realizing the success criteria necessary to achieve your vision. Our project management will improve your governance, control and stakeholder management and preserve your critical business environment

Bright Horse IT will through, first world technologies enable the hospitality services industry in a way that will change the way you think about, communicate with and experience the hospitality industry in Africa.

To, with our highly valued, skilled and motivated staff and strategic partnerships, build credible and lasting relationships with our clients and in so doing enable us to engage at a level that allows us to gain in-depth understanding of the client’s and industry needs which we will look to fulfill with our affordable and leading edge technology solutions.

Our Roadmap starts with our mission, it declares our purpose as a company and serves as the standard against which we weigh our actions and decisions:

To refresh the world of hospitality…

To inspire moments of efficiency and professionalism…

To create value and make a difference…